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Computers are lootable objects in Road To Eden containing random computer parts like CPU, Electronic Board, Hard Disk, Memory Stick, Motherboard, Power Supply and Video Card useful for crafting.

Computers can be found in various POIs (houses, factories, military tents, dungeons...).

Locations of computers[]

Zone 1

  • 2 computers in houses (C-3)
  • 1 computer at the Gate (B-2)
  • 1 computer at the Mall (B-3)
  • 6 computers at the Military Base (A-1)

Zone 2

  • 1 computer at the Hospital (floor 2)
  • 2 computers at the Gate (C-2)
  • 2 computer at the Rundown Factory (H-3)
  • 6+ computers in the Mine-Lab (F/G-5)

List of computer parts[]