Road to Eden Wiki

Enemies in Road to Eden are all the AIs that will attack and try to kill you.

There is 38 different enemies in the World. They can be Infected, Mutants, Aliens, Humans, Insects, Plants or Animals.

  • Animals are wandering in the wild (Deers will flee on attack, Boars are peaceful but will defend if attacked, Bears and Crocodiles will attack on sight).
  • Humans are bandits who have captured some buildings (warehouses, checkpoints, roadblocks) and are aggressive.
  • Infected are found everywhere in the world, wandering, guarding, patrolling or attacking as a horde.
  • Aliens are scary creatures and among the most dangerous and deadly. They are found in Zone 2 on roads or dungeons/caves.
  • Plants are only active at night. They will attack only if you walk close by or attack them.
  • Insects (and spiders) are annoying creatures that may poison you.
  • Mutants are also everywhere.

You can loot Infected Heads on corpses to buy some trophies that you can place in your base.


Click on each enemy to see his stats, weaknesses, abilities and strategy to fight them.
Ordered alphabetically.

Bear Bear
80 xp

Boar Boar
12 xp

Chicken Chicken
8 xp

Crocodile Crocodile
160 xp

Deer Deer
8 xp

Fat Mutant Fat Mutant
120 xp

Howler Howler
480 xp

Infected Wasp Infected Wasp
200 xp

Mutant Mutant
200 xp

Mutant Wolf Mutant Wolf
180 xp

Night Lurker Night Lurker
100 xp

Protopod Egg Protopod Egg
800 xp

Prowler Prowler
260 xp

Sentinel Sentinel
400 xp

Sentinel Boss Sentinel Boss
2000 xp

Skulker Skulker
600 xp

Spider Boss Spider Boss
140 xp

Stalker Stalker
200 xp