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Lab part of the Mine-Lab

The Mine-Lab is a POI in Zone 2 (F/G-5) of Road To Eden where can be found Unobtainium Ores and the Fusion Converters to smelt them into Unobtainium Ingots.

The first part is the Mine with many Ores : Iron Ore, Magnezium Ore, Silver Ore, Aluminium Ore, Copper Ore, Lithium Ore and Unobtainium Ore.

The second part is the Lab where can be found Bio Hazard Materials (Bio Samples and Infected Blood Vials), Bio Research Data desks (Bio Research Data), Computers (Logic Bits and Computers Parts), Compound Fabrics, Advanced Materials (Laser Emitter or Servo), Ammos, and at the end 6 Fusion Converters.


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