Road to Eden Wiki

The Zone 1 Mine is a POI in Road To Eden, south-west of C-4. The Mine is a great place to mine and loot Iron Ore and Coal.

The Mine is infected with brown and red Skeletons, Zombies, small and big Spiders. It contains several looting crates : Woodden boxes, Tools Boxes, Lockers, Ammo Boxes etc. But at the end of the Mine is 4 Carts full of Iron Ore and Coal, as well as 6 nodes of random Ores (Stone, Iron, Coal). Each run can get around 150 Iron Ores and 100 Coals.

In order to enter the Mine, you need to repair the entrance door fuse box :

The path to the end is pretty easy, just keep opening Red doors.

The Mine is 100% dark inside. Need 9v Batteries or Lightsticks to see something.