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Mutant Soldier

Mutant Soldier is a type of enemy in Road To Eden.

This soldier is a powerful mob found in dangerous POIs like the Factory Warehouse, the Rundown Factory or the Plane Crash. They will also spawn at players after level 60-70.

When attacked, the Mutant Soldier will spawn 2 Infected Spitters that will attack the player as well.

Weaknesses & Resistances[]

  • Base health : 5000 HP.
  • Resistances : None.
  • Weaknesses : Blunt (+30% damage) / Shotgun (+40% damage).
  • Weak spot : Head (+25% damage).


The Mutant Solider will run at you very fast and do heavy damage, so need to fire at it while walking back and run if needed to put some distance.
The other difficulty is dealing at the same time with the 2 spitters spawned. You can lure the soldier away from them or kill the spitters quickly to finish the soldier "quietly".

Recommended ranged weapons

  • RPG for 1-shot kill.
  • 100+ Elite guns for 50-shot kill (40 in the head).
  • M249 Heavy MG for 67-hit kill (52 in the head).

Recommended melee weapons

  • None. It would need too much hits and you would receive too much melee damage.