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Crafting Items

Placeables is a category of Items in Road to Eden that can be placed in the world.

Road to Eden propose 500ish placeable items.

It includes several different sub-category items :

  • Building Parts : items to build your base (foundations, walls, floors, stairs...) on 6 different materials (Stick, Wood, Stone, Brick, Metal, Concrete).
  • Decorations : items to embellish your base (furniture, chairs, lamps, plants, statues...).
  • Power(ed) : items used to produce energy or using energy (generators, lamps, solar panels, torches...).
  • Defense : items to defend your base (spikes, turrets, mines, tripwires...).
  • Crafting Stations : stations to craft everything you need (46 stations).
  • Storages : items to store your loot (closets, dressers, boxes, ammos chests, cabinets...).

Placeables sub-categories