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Putrefied Skeleton

Putrefied Skeleton is a type of enemy in Road To Eden.

Skeletons are mostly found in ruins (like the Church) and some special POIs like the Tunnel.

They is two different type of skeletons the standing ones (brown-colored) and the crawler ones (red-colored).

Weaknesses & Resistances[]

  • Base health : 250 HP.
  • Resistances : Blade.
  • Weaknesses : Blunt.
  • Weak spot : Head.


As the skeletons are very thin, it is good practice to one-shot them with a Shotgun which has good spread. They are quite fast may interrupt your melee attack.
The crawler ones switch from standing up to crawling which make them difficult to aim at first.

Recommended ranged weapons

Recommended melee weapons

  • Any blunt weapons (90+) for 3-hit kill.
  • Any blade weapons (90+) for 4-hit kill.