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Radio Tower (North of B-2)

The Radio Tower is a POI in Road To Eden (North of B-2) where can be found the Dungeon Key Level 1 recipe which once crafted is used to open the entrance of the Zone 2 Dungeon.

The Radio Tower is guarded by a few Infected Military.


  • Open the Radio Tower fence door with the Radio Tower Fence Key which can be found in the Cave below the Radio Tower if lucky or guaranteed in Zone 2 Sewers.
  • Repair the Radio Tower generator by inserting an Air Filter, an Alternator, 4 Spark Plug, a Fuel Hose and 3 Fuel Filter in the generator inventory, click the Repair button, and switch the generator on.
  • The generator will power the radio in the center room.
  • Open the center room door with the Radio Tower Key (found in the warehouse in front of the Sewers entrance).
  • Repair the radio by adding an Electronic Board, 4 Electric Wire and 10 Scrap Metal in the radio inventory and press the "repair" button.
  • You will hear a metallic sound as the safe unlocks.
  • Open the Safe and take the Dungeon Key Compts List book.
  • Read the book to learn the Dungeon Key Level 1 recipe.