Road to Eden Wiki

Sentinel Boss is a type of enemy in Road To Eden.

This Boss is located in the zone 2 Dungeon. It looks like a Sentinel but much more stronger.

Like normal Sentinels it will spit poison ball that will create poison clouds on impact.

The Boss can drop : 0-2 Skill Points and/or 0-2 Crystal Shards.

Weaknesses & Resistances[]

  • Base health : 16500 HP.
  • Resistances : Immune to RPG rockets.
  • Weaknesses : None.
  • Weak spot : None.


In the Boss room, when you pull the lever, the gates close and you are locked with the boss spawning on the other end.
As the room is quite small, the poison clouds will fill most of it. You will have to run around to avoid poison clouds.
Prepare Anti-Toxin Pills in your hotbar to cure poison if needed.
Then take your time, shoot at the Boss when you can, move, protect behind pillars if needed.
When killed, don't forget to check loot under the body (Skill Points and/or Crystal Shards).

Recommended ranged weapons

  • Elite guns (90+) for 181-shot kill.
  • M249 Heavy MG for 205-hit kill.

Recommended melee weapons

  • Not tested. Not recommended because of poison clouds.