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Sewers entrance 1 in Zone 2 (West of E-4)

Sewers entrance 2 in Zone 2 (West of E-4)

The Sewers is a POI in Zone 2 of Road To Eden where can be found the recipe books of the Small Military Satchel and the Military Backpack, special Weapons (Enforcer, Bright, Ice Razor, Liberator, Arabian, Forbidden Glory, or Punisher), and a lot of Military Fabric and some Solar Cells.

The Sewers has 2 entrances located west of E-4. It is infected with Inmates, Infected zombies, Spitters, Protopods, Small and giant spiders and Prowlers.

In order to open the entrance doors, you need to find the Sewers Key.

There is few or no lights in the Sewers, bring Lightsticks and/or 9v Batteries.


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