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Subway Turret

Subway Turret is a type of enemy in Road To Eden.

Subway Turrets are found in zone 2 at the Subway entrance. See Map for location.

There is 4 turrets, 2 outside the barracks and 2 inside. They will shoot on you if you come too close.

Weaknesses & Resistances[]

  • Base health : 6000 HP.
  • Resistances : Immune to grenades.
  • Weaknesses : Melee (+66% damage).
  • Weak spot : None.


You can't destroy the turrets with melee weapons because their fire rate is so fast that they interrupt you all the time (unless being more than one player).
Also the turret hits will dramatically damage your equipment.
So the best is to destroy them with long range weapons.

Recommended ranged weapons

Melee weapons
Solo players can't use melee on them (perma-interrupt). If 2+ players: