Road to Eden Wiki

Tunnel entrance in Zone 1 (North east of B-3)

Tunnel entrance in Zone 2 (South east of C-2)

The Tunnel is a POI in Road To Eden where can be found the Wall Gate Combination Code used to open the Gate from Zone 1 to Zone 2.

The Tunnel has 2 entrances/exits : one in Zone 1 (B-3) and one in Zone 2 (C-2). No key needed to enter. Just click "E" on the entrance doors.

The Tunnel is infected with brown and red skeletons and small and big spiders.

There is no lights in the tunnel, it's 100% dark. Bring Lightsticks and/or 9v Batteries.

Two rooms have a desk with a Key box containing one or two Wall Gate Combination Code which can be learned permanently.