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World map, by KIIgore (march 2021)

The vast world of Road to Eden is for now divided in 2 zones :

  • Zone 1 (map A1~C4) : where new players starts and progress the first 1-20 levels.
  • Zone 2 (map C1~J5) : only accessible with a special key found in Zone 1 for more advanced players.

EXPLORE[edit | edit source]

The world has more than 80 POIs. Discover many beauties, dangers, sprawling dungeons and hidden treasures.

Notable POIs

BUILD[edit | edit source]

Make your mark. Build your base with over five hundred types of blocks from wood to concrete among others.

Add furniture and Crafting Stations to make your house a home sweet home.

And don't forget defense elements to protect your base from zombie attacks!

CRAFT[edit | edit source]

Crafting is a major part of Road to Eden with over five hundred crafting recipes to unlock and use.

Upgrade your base, weapons and gear to survive as long as possible.

Recipes in Road to Eden.

TRAVEL[edit | edit source]

Vehicles can be found throughout the world and can be repaired and made operational to aid survivors in their journey to Eden.

More vehicle types planned.

CHALLENGE[edit | edit source]

Test your bravery and skill by venturing into the darkness of randomly generated dungeons and caves hidden throughout the world.

Respond to cries for help from bandit attacks, encounter random hordes and much more to come.

Wage war with hordes of infected, paramilitary, rebels and aliens.

Master your strength and figure out their weakness if you hope to make it to Eden.

SURVIVE[edit | edit source]